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Fired Analyst Punched His Employer – Hormons Now At Normal Level

Try to be a boxing champ as an Analyst for your Employee has significant disadvantages, especially as your target is the one who feeds you. Certainly, there must be better methods of communication”

It must have been a great feeling of a lifetime when you are in the height of your increased rage (not to say hate or disagreement) and found a way to hit back on to your Employer as hard as you could. What for a relief, even if lawsuits may follow and the protective workplace and perhaps great salary suddenly has been gone for good.

Yet, I feel that the obligation of a business analyst should be much different than from a professional boxer and of course, arguments should be done in a business-like manner.

Sometimes peoples forget that analyst are there to help and not to provide a soft SPA like treatment. SPA’s by the way are a great way to relax your whole body and after such an unexpected blow facial treatments would be a sufficient way to heal the target areas much faster

Anyway, back to the topic, to take even ill placed verbal comments too personal is certainly bad for any concerned parties but that has happened overall in the world in recent years.

Especially I remember an Asian state where that happened even in Parliament more than ones a time. Another method, also often practiced, is just to kill all who does not agree with you. Happened more than once and an awful method to get rid of the ‘excess population’ (Charles Dickens).

I guess the fists and the brain can be used for many things and sometimes they just not coordinate in a supposed way. Fighting over an argument was perhaps very popular million years ago (especially if someone was in dire need to eat his opponent), but that has changed luckily to the better, particular on more or less public places.

I think however Desmond Morris, the great British zoologist and ethnologist, would disagree that anything has changed. We are still the animals we ever where with just a touch of the so called civilization on top of our miserable life. His ‘Naked Ape’ book and others come vividly into my mind. #

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Missing Mt. Everest Sherpa – What A Loss!

On of the always helpful and top Nepal Sherpa has disappeared in a rescue mission in the Himalayas at the Mt. Everest in mid-2010. My condolence to the family and to the certainly shocked tracking and climber team.

How often to you have arrived at the summit of Mt. Everest, about 29,029 feet or 8,848 meters to begin to believe on God or feel like a bird? One time, A few times? Or never…than shame on you. There is currently a Sherpa, Chuwang Nima, a native of Nepal, who went to the summit of Mt. Everest at least 19 times. That is what I call an outstanding record.

Just forget the weather where cold, but blue skies without clouds can suddenly change to conditions where you can’t see or hear anything, where tornado like wind conditions exist and where I would even need at the first base camp extensive Oxygen support as an untrained person as I’m.

Imagine also the very pristine and beautiful snow at the top which can at any moment go down as an avalanche or opens a deep hole directly below you. Tracking to the summit 19 times, unbelievable!

Their Accomplishments: Apa and Lhakpa Sherpa

Well, that skilled Sherpa has reported missing on a rescue action and it seem it was his last mountain tour. Of course to call Mt Everest a Mountain is just as wrong as if you call the small sand hills made by little kids that way. But there is no other way or word for this majestic formation. Perhaps ‘Stairways to Heaven’?

This Buddhist spiritual Sherpa was just 39 years (at a  age at which I need Oxygen from an emergency unit just to climb up a few stairs; but I repeat myself) who went missing during this summer. He was also well known in the U.S. and Canada in mountaineering circles as well.

There is however another Sherpa, Apa Sherpa, now 50 years old, who holds a record for climbing into that heaven (or hell, as you see it) 20 times already. To be fit to do so is also not the right word.

Lifelong training and living in the area (such as in the Solukhumbu district) is what is required in addition of a smaller body stature to helping accelerate the required yet thin Oxygen. That is the reason why only few peoples ever make it up to the top and without proper preparation certainly a no-no.

As far as I know, no Mt. Everest expedition has been ever done without guidance of a Sherpa (and if so, at their own risks). The first well known one, Tenzing Norgay, is forever associated with Edmund Hillary, both were recorded as the first two peoples ever to stand on the top of Mt. Everest.

I think big thanks has to be directed to all Sherpa although it looks like that the Mt. Everest Tourism is slowly destroying parts of the mountain and certainly the culture of the Sherpa who even starting not more wearing the traditional Sherpa outfit, especially the ones worn by men.

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Your Car – Your Personality

Cleaning a car is dangerous as it might show your personality and psychology via the car colors. But not cleaning it might move you instead close to the kind of animals who does not care about cleaning. The choice is yours.

Your are a proud owner of a vehicle called car. It might be a pretty and very expensive one or so ugly that peoples actually think its an unmovable pile of rust and dust. Yet, it is your car, even if you don’t own it yet and still may have to pay for it for years to come.

Such a car is not made for you but for your neighbors. Thus you have the annoying obligation to clean it at least from the outside once a month; or even every day to let it shine like a star.

Rusty cars can’t shine but some heavy dirt around them can be removed in a few days of dedicated work. Your body might feel much better after such an exercise, even if you might look in style like your uncleaned car afterwards.

Top 15 most expensive Cars: Where are You?

Imagine that after a few hours or days of work, your car indeed looks like another one on the street, or even better. So what to do? Obviously, you have to show your work and to invite guests to see your hard labor. But most important, you have to drive it around the block where you were born or to engage your friends into a longer journey.

The result would be of course a dirty car again, so perhaps it is a better solution just not to move the car at all and show only the outside while discussing the detailed specs in ways that others believe that your car simply can’t be reproduced any time again and should stay where it is.

Anyway, according psychologist Geoffrey Miller, once you cleaned up your car you are dangerous exposed: The color (and type) of your car tell insiders who you are really as you are strategically display your personality traits with possibly intended (or unaware) false advertising of yourself!

Note that according RAC, pastel-colored car owners are eight times more likely to suffer from depression than people with bright colored cars. How dangerous.

To avoid to be a quick victim of road rage, your car need to be colored in silver or metallic blue, demonstrating that you are a happy driver (even if you are not). Owners of black and red cars are at the bottom of the car society and should know that. Traffic Police might have an eye on them. The car color theory is at least the opinion of Psychologist Conrad King.

In Thailand, for example, there are plenty of Lamborghini, Ferraris, BMWs and Mercedes being sold in the Capital, but the really nice and expensive ones you never got to see on the streets. They have been held in captivity so nobody can see them except the owner (maybe even they got banned from them). Neighbors seems not to play a big role as those cars, I suppose, are all in the same kind of protected high society real estate environments. It could be also that they are just defect and not working – out of rare spare parts!

My car color preference is white (I might have a distant personality), but very unfortunately that color shows also every small amount of dust even if I don’t drive. Metallic blended is also a color style I like.

I do however always buy a car according my budget and make sure representatives and repair shops are plenty positioned across the country. I take any color except black as that shows more dust and may make the inside hotter than I like.

In that case, the cleaning process cycle should be scheduled to start sooner! And if you curse because of the increased burden, remember that YOUR car is also YOUR best friend! #

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© 2010, Article-Athenaeum – Another Point Of Views. All rights reserved worldwide.

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