Wearing no clothes in public – Fresh air fanatics?

It has recently happened, really. Somewhere south of Tokyo, Japan in a small town, there was a young cyclist who made his tours repeatedly with his Bicycle, but without wearing any clothes.” No sure, but he might had a cap on his head.”

#16.11.2010Either, he forgot his clothes, or is was just to hot for him in the rather cool weather. The Police got attention of this particular exerciser and tried to find the active sport performer before too many peoples saw him or he got harmed by them.

They Police hadn’t any luck; at least, when I read the story. As a result, the men cycled for a few days around his neighborhood. Guess the kids needn’t more much human anatomy education afterwards. Still, I hope they found him…it would be an unimaginable sad event in case he would catching a cold.

The story reminds me that shortly after that (perhaps two weeks), in another Asian country a parliamentarian man was running out to the streets, without anything on. Possibly he had better things to do or was in a hurry. Yet, peoples followed him quickly and covered at least the most important part of his body preventing possible harm for a future dynasty.

In 2009 a member of a famous Japanese pop group was arrested while wandering in a public park the way he was constructed. Yet, he was later freed without charge because he apologized. Nice behavior.

In opposite, years ago, a (girl) friend of mine, saw someone fully clothed, except on places where it seemed to be important for most. He showed it to her in a flash, but long enough to enjoy it. She tried to find the police but couldn’t find one. When she returned to find out where the young man came from, he was gone.

But if you think those lonely incidents were the peek of an iceberg, think again. In 2010, this time London, over 1000 naked peoples all ages used their Bicycles to protest against oil dependency and motor vehicle usage.

At least that action made sense and got recognized, even by the press. Perhaps there were not fully naked by it was part of the worldwide annual Naked Bike Ride.

Next time you feel hot, wait until around June to participate. In any event, make sure your bike is in order. You won’t like to be helped by fully clothed peoples!


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