500 km Asteroid hitting Earth with full Impact. Can we Survive that?

Imaging an Asteroid of a diameter of 500 km collides with Earth with full impact as it happened six times in the history of Earth. That is each time equally the energy of 520 million Hiroshima Bombs. Do you think someone will survive that Armageddon?

Certainly not for those on the face of Earth, perhaps not even for those evacuated in deep military underground tunnels and installations.

In any case, those astral bodies will destroy more on a larger scale than super volcano explosions probably can do and you can be sure that Armageddon has arrived with no way to escape.

Mankind will be destroyed within a few days. There is an excellent simulation how that catastrophic event might work out, see the video below.

Video: Asteroid collision with Earth.
A Simulation

Statistically, that asteroid collision will happen again. The last time was about 4 billion years ago.We can only hope that we are able to avoid such an impact and that our technology might help us to let survive some of the Earth population although a better place would be probably anywhere outside Earth.

Even the planet Mars would look very inviting in comparison. Earth itself has nothing more to offer after an impact – cities are gone so all existing live but also all the ice and the water at both poles, all lakes and the complete sea which cover 75% of Earth’s surface. Everything is burning and Earth would become instantly a living hell, not unlikely Dante’s Inferno

The risk of collision with a comet or any piece of space junk is real, very real. So much, that scientific stations are watching the skies daily for such pieces coming our way. The NASA’s Near Earth Object (NEO) is a great help determine potentially dangerous space objects, leftovers when Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars where formed. Currently is being searched for impacts up to 100 years in the future and the potentially risk is assessed.

Yet, the budget for such a research is on USD 3 million and there exist not a single full contingency plan in case such a large (or even small) Asteroid is approaching us. Only theories.

We might not get an official warning but the end of the world would be known rather quickly. Something coming our way will be detected even by hobby astronomer, but if we can avoid a planetary collision is a complete another story.

In June 2002, a large asteroid came within only 75,000 miles near of Earth, missing us by only a fraction of a degree. According its size, the asteroid’s approach was the closest ever recorded. The danger is real. Small non-dangerous space junk is always hitting Earth, some you can see as a small fireball in the night, but they will be destroyed by Earth’s atmosphere.

Yet, we might watch other threats closely, too (which we do!). The Yellowstone Park is actually on top of a Super Volcano who erupts every 600,000 years or so. Over there 640,000 years have already passed by since the last eruption and when this Volcano erupts, we would likely face a worldwide nuclear winter which could last 1000 years. A small ice age. By then, mankind might be gone, too.

The last eruption of that super volcano was estimated 1,000 times larger than the famous eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980 which was quite impressive as well as destructive.

Enjoy today the Earth as she is and try to improve the live on it. It might not be take too long until something big could destroy us within only days.

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