Alien Invasion – Are We Prepared?

Just imagine that one day a large UFO appears at the orbit of Earth and destroys within a few days all our hi-tech infrastructures and military bases on this Planet; in addition to perhaps the conversion of all major cities into rubble as well. Are we prepared for such a high scale assault and real threat to our human existence?

The Aliens might destroy everything we hold dear in the shortest time possible. Millions of lives gone in a very short time. With their advanced military power and perhaps the same kind of attitude we have still today on Earth, they might conquer our world and take what they need, even all the plants and animals.

But perhaps they are even so strange that they do not recognize us as an intelligent species? How about that? Not that this thought would actually help us to come in terms with our future, which has stopped right now.

Yet, the main question remains: Are we prepared to fight for our rights to live, not only as the natives of Earth but also to secure the survival of us, even if that means we are back to stone-age conditions, at best?

I would think that YES is the right answer. There seems to exist detailed contingency military game plans by the U.S. and the UK but it would still be seen if those plans made in secrecy can help us mortals any better than a Sword hold by an ancient Samurai against a modern gun.

Just think about Cortez in 1519, the Spanish Conquistador, and the end of the Aztec civilization in 1521. An empire defeated by one determined solder and his 500 men.

Remember: If an Alien space ship can fly across stars or even galaxies, that would mean an advanced technology far beyond our own. Our great military fighters, even the atomic bomb might be no match to them. What could we use next?

We would be doomed. And killed in an unimagined chaos.

But then again, the public, including me, does not know much about those high-level plans made behind curtain, only that some of the best heads have provided, calculated and thought-over all possible scenarios. A war with aliens might convert our world to sand dunes not unsimilar as they exist on planet Mars, but this is certainly something has been thought about a possibility we might have to face.

I ask myself if a calculated, selected numbers of skilled survivors and certain technology, probably located readily in a numbers of deep underground military utilities, can actually help the survival of mankind? One is for sure, those lucky peoples there must survive on conditions imaginable for most of us. Even if everything would be state-of-the art, they might have to live in underground cities and perhaps never can go into the sunlight, even if that would be possible.

Oh yes, there is no doubt that we would fight against our own extinction but we might need a modified modern ark to help a few to survive.

I like to think of Aliens as an opportunity but if there are some who are into slavery and harvesting at our costs, I would rather not like to face that menace. We are not ready until at least we have developed our own interstellar vessels and much more advanced weapons…and that might be hundreds of years in the future, if ever.

On a perhaps twisted second note, our local wars, how much they are hindering our race’s development, might already act as a perfect training ground for future combats. Of course, fighting against Aliens need an out-of-the-box thinking, but the basics are sadly tested already daily on over hundred of places on our world.

But who knows, the real threat might be already around us. Just think that the fastest Supercomputer of today has the capacity of an grown up human, meaning about the same IQ. We might be right now developing a second species on Earth using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and which might be more intelligent than we are ever will be. And do you know what has happened to inferior species on Earth? They got all extinct! Without exceptions…

Yet, and then again, our brain is only working at usual 2% to max about 10%. There is still much room to develop capabilities only dreamed of.

And exactly this might be our build-in secret weapon. In times of challenges of our race, we might make an evolutionary jump forwards affecting our brain in a very positive way by increasing brain capacity in terms of usage and thus our IQ. Currently only about 1% of the population have an estimated IQ of about 135 (which falls in the category of highly gifted)

The only reasons this evolutionary jump hasn’t happened yet, might be the constant wars on Earth and the fact that such a jump is indeed very rare. Yet, evolution responds to environmental pressure, sooner or later. But as I said, we might also currently and unknowingly training for our race’s survival in nature’s future plans for us.

But nobody can really say exactly what the future holds for us. There are too many variables involved. For now it is a fight between profits and the necessity to preserve our Earth for future generations.

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