The String Theory. 1-dimensional slices of a 2-dimensional membrane vibrating in 11-dimensional spacetime!

Wow, what an explanation for the theory of everything (TOE) that do attempt to reconcile quantum mechanics with general relativity. Understood only by a few quantum physicists is an attempt to make testable experimental predictions.

Atoms are understood now not as mere 0-dimensional objects but rather as 1-dimencial oscillating lines, called strings.

Based on the early dual resonance model developed in 1969, the string theory has actually evolved into superstring theories and from there into the famous M-theory which takes a 1-dimensional slice of a 2-dimencial membrane and everything vibrates in 11 dimensions or within the 11-dimensional spacetime. Just imagine that we do not only have 4 dimension (including time) but actually 11 dimension. Hard to prove and hard to understand: 11-dimensional spacetime.

Video: Brian Greene: The universe on a string (String Theory)

Yet, the string theory isn’t accepted everywhere simply because it is mostly theoretical.

But an amazing feature of the string theory is that it involves the prediction of extra dimensions. The number of dimensions is not fixed by any consistency criterion, but flat spacetime solutions do exist in the so-called “critical dimension”. Whatever that means.

I think I stop here. I can just imagine 4 dimension (including time) but eleven one? Some said to be only millimeters long, invisible, yet might include their own rules and perhaps universe. It is theorized that the big bang evolved because two strings collided outside our own universe.

If so, it can be well imagined that such collisions happened more than just a few times and eventually it might be the norm. Thus, we might have an infinite numbers of parallel universes with complete different laws of physics – or only slightly different ones mixed within.

In any case, from the 11 dimensions six or seven might be simply to small to be detect.

I can live with that. I know that what I see might not be the world as it is, but I don’t care. My brain understands only what I see and feel. What is beyond that is just that – beyond!

The building blogs of the universe are much more complex than ever thought and the building blogs of live, although do have only a few basic structures, are so complex that even that is hardly to understand.

I’m grateful that I do not have to figure out if there exist not a few more dimensions but yes, I find it interesting. In theory!

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