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Finding the right membership program is always combined with trial and errors until you find a membership program that really fits your budget and in particular your needs.

None of the programs I have evaluated had everything but the “Digital Access Pass” came very close to it. It works on my preferred Word Perfect platform but also (except the dripping) on a normal website.

I feel the price of the software is a little bit high but then again, if you see all the features and compare them with all the other membership programs, you know that you get much more than you pay for. In fact, you get so much that it seems at the first glance overwhelming.

Fortunately, the documentation of the “Digital Access Pass” membership software is excellent written, completed with a series of high quality videos and a forum where you can even ask questions nobody even thought about yet.

The software is nearly updated every month, and that includes not bug fixes but in most cases complete new features and functionalities.

The “Digital Access Pass” includes everything you need to build a hands-free membership site and is on top of all similar software programs, although in fact no other membership program comes even close to what the DAP is providing on features. I saw much more expensive programs who provided only a fraction of what this program does.

How about true drip-feed of all types of content, in-page dripping (also partially), sequential content delivery, build-in top notch autoresponder and a free “Upsell-Tree” shopping cart plugin, complete customizable membership features, recurring-subscriptions, unlimited 1-click upsells, downsells & cross-sells, ClickBank integration and a special add-on “Self-Service Store” (SSS) ?

Of course the DAP includes integrated payment modules such as PayPal, WorldPay or Authorize.Net And just in case you don’t like the integrated outstanding Autoresponder, you can hook-up AWeber if you like. No need to mention that you can sell unlimited products, have customizable error pages as well as many more features – to many to discuss here.

I should mention that in addition to the excellent software, the support is also outstanding. In many cases, you get an answer within a few hours, if not even minutes.

No program is perfect and certainly the “Digital Access Pass Membership WP-Plugin” can be improved. I don’t mind about that. But take my word, the software has no more rough edges and comes even in different flavors to fit your requirements. If you need a top notch membership program without to be sorry later, just follow my link below. Yes, I’m an affiliate of this program but I would never recommend anything on my site I do not believe is 100% useful for any of my site visitors.

Visit the offsite home page. You will find everything there you need to know. No hypes but solid and detailed information. Take a look at the “Digital Access Pass” (DAP) Membership software and try it out. DAP is now free for 30 days!

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