Armageddon – Can it be avoided?

It can’t!

According the Bible, last chapter: the Book of Revelation, Armageddon is the last day for mankind when God and his soldiers fight their last battle against evil arch brother Lucifer and his demons after they were are allowed to leave their underworld prison.

Of course, God expected to win, because he eventually can. After all, God did sent Lucifer into his exile. But according our small history, there are no real winners in a battle, everyone looses, in one way or another.

There are no winners over a dead battlefield. Dead soldiers might be alive again and the world green, but a epic battle is a battle without any fun involved.

Armageddon, the last battle on end of times, is said to be an isolated event, but who knows. It might not cover earth alone. Eventually, the whole Universe is involved. Since we are made of stardust, we are practically involved into that battle, if we want or not.

The only way to escape might be to try to escape into a parallel universe with different laws of physics and metaphysics. But there, Armageddon might be already full in force. And the logic tells me, we can’t stay there.

We sometimes say that Armageddon is near. If a big Comet hits our world or if we play with our large nuclear arsenals, Armageddon might happened much earlier than prophesied by the Abraham religions.

Armageddon is expected in roughly 8000-10000 years but the prophecies of the Apocalypse might got it wrong a few years here or there. Nevertheless, at that time, earth might already being destroyed…or had made a big jump into the future.

Armageddon has been mentioned in the bible and other religions several times but certainly it can be also seen as a synonym when and if our world is on the verge to be destroyed. Armageddon would be then the last day for our mankind followed only by horror.

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I’m a Fire Monkey – The Chinese Horoscope is right!

The Chinese Horoscope is a guideline to explore the mind and the future of the one requesting assistance. But there are more possibilities, such like the renowned Tarot decks. All Gambling? You decide!

I never knew it until now, but according my birth date I’m a Fire Monkey. According the Chinese Horoscope I have strong interest about the other, say sexy, Gender (YES) and determined to get things done in all areas (YES).

Thus the Chinese stars show me that I’m powerful and the yellow-red-blue fire helps me as an otherwise be only casual monkey to be a step ahead of others. I’m supposed to be able to correctly evaluate risks and my associated western part is the powerful Lion, a very good combination indeed. I loved to play with fire as a kid, was fascinated from it, and got a great share of trouble watching the flames at that age.

Given that, I consider to make a family seal for myself and start a new dynasty. It is time for it. The only problem is that I have three kids already, no money and nobody listen to my advanced and future oriented ideas. Every step has to be fighted for.

Years ago I read a detailed article abut an astronomer who compared the western astrology step-by-step, event-by-event with what actual has happened and read or proposed from the stars. And do you know what: The numbers did not add up, not even for 1%. In other words, you can’t believe Astrology in any event and from any possible angel. If you do, that is what I call gambling

I believe there are many distinguished experts on Astrology, my wife for example who can make their points, but I’m more scientifically oriented. Stars don’t lie but perhaps their horoscope interpretations are still in their infancy – even after thousands of years finding out the truth. Yet, without Astrology there might not even be an Astronomy!

Having that in mind and the accuracy problem continues exist, I guess I toss away both ways of looking into the future or learn something about me in another way. I will switch to tarot derived from Kabbalah of Jewish mysticism and learn what those cards have to say to me.

After all, they are 22-78 cards per deck available and the number of positive (or negative) outcome predictions is a little bit larger and thus more precisely; no matter that the Chinese Astrology has a head start and exists actually at least since 2637 B.C.; officially introduced by Emperor Huang Ti.

To find out the truth, perhaps a series of complicated and extensive tarot readings can help me. Tarots (or tarocchi) exist only officially since 1367 (600 years ++) and can’t thus compete with the much older Chinese Astrology, but anyway.

But who says that Tarots are less exact? As a tool to gain inside the mind and the future, they might be just as good. The real problem is only to find a good Interpreter of what is obviously presented in front of me as an associated combination of cards with no particular meanings for me. Believing or not, that is the ultimate questions. A little bit faith might help – if you have it.

In any case I feel that the design of many Tarot cards are just marvelous and pretty, a reason in itself to own a few decks.

Yet…I’m a confirmed Fire Monkey, and thus actually don’t give a hood about the opinion of others. Since I like that short description about myself, true or not, I’ll keep it for a while and tell everyone.

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Humphrey Bogart – His Soul is Alive

Humphrey DeForest Bogart can be truly compared to one of the famous cinematic ‘Superstars’ in the past and was well-known especially to the now older audience with awarded movies like Casablanca, The African Queen, the Treasure of the Sierra Madre and so many more we were familiar with as kids. Humphrey died in 1957

When I entered a few years ago an unknown Bangkok nightclub in the heart of the city and on the second floor of a shabby building next to a very busy road, I was surprised what I saw. The decoration was not like Casablanca but the ambience was.

You could see a few old wooden tables and chairs as well as a band obviously imported 50 years ago. The band, 5 peoples, tried to play, but with one of the players almost fall asleep while playing, only to be waken up continuously by his playing colleagues…perfect…it was like you are in the movie Casablanca but of course without {Humphrey Bogart}. His Soul however seemed to be very present that day.

The Soul of Legend Humphrey Bogart: Movie Legends

The band plaid slowly, and patrons, even girls, were only a few, seated around the used tables. Everything you touched and saw had the feeling of something old, dusty and even while the glasses where clean, you could not get rid of the feeling that they where not. Of course the wallpapers matched that feeling and certainly were never renewed for a long time.

As the band, the waiters weren’t moving fast either. I had the feeling the time had come to a still stand or better yet, I wasn’t anymore in my one and was transferred within seconds into the past into the past.

It was around midnight. The light was dimmed, but you could still easy see everything. Watching the band was fun, although they where tired and still tried to play what they had to do. The blues and other music were not bad but nothing you would consider a fast and new track at all. That would be also out of touch. At about 1 am the band stopped playing and slowly the nightclub closed its doors not to far later.

Since than, I do feel sorry that I never had the chance to visit that particular nightclub ever again, it might not even more exist. But I also never met an establishment like that ever again in my life.

I’m sure the Soul of Humphrey Bogart is now somewhere else. #

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