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The Erotic Trap – You Are Not Allowed To Leave!

You know that you are in heaven when you hold your Dear partner close to you. But you are deep inside a clever designed trap laid out by nature for only one purpose: To ensure the future of the mankind

Nothing feels better than to be close to your partner. Nature however made sure that you not only enjoy the show but that you like to stay in close contact with your partner as long as possible. Pheromones, lipophilic compounds associated with skin and follicles, provide some underlying help to stimulate the brain of the partner which in turn activates our sexual behavior and our attraction to the opposite gender.

Those pheromones are very much part of the invisible but very strong trap together with the control center, the brain, who always does what it wants most. It is a perfect illusion that we think we are in full control of what we want. Very likely, the opposite is the case.

You are guided carefully and unknown to you, the full way, until the result, a newborn, has been accomplished. But even now and then, Nature makes sure you not just drop the baby at the next opportunity but actually love it too. The big eyes of the toddlers are only one trick which let the mother stay and take care of the baby.

Men are not very much interested in other babies or children but for some reason, they are very attracted emotionally to their own offspring. They are in a trap again and have now to feed the whole family. Their love guides to responsibility and to the survival of their own family or perhaps better said of his own, well marked territory.

It goes even so far that a man and his wife would do everything for their kids, even if the attractions to each other might have cooled down when the trap has been removed carefully in a very, very slowly yet gentle way.

Heaven and Hell are very close together. Attraction can turn into hate and men might even interested again in another member of the opposite sex only to enter into the same beautifully designed trap again.

Actually, men are usually never released from this particular trap. They are only being allowed to exchange the current trap into another one of the same kind. Worse actually, they are also being allowed to try out several traps at once. Simply, because in the beginning, the trap does not look like one and is the most heavily camouflaged one we know. But even if a trap is recognized as such, it will be usually ignored. Double success for the always busy designer.

Men are, what they are and so are the women. That means, men can enter the game almost immediately again while the women, during the time until she stops breastfeeding, might not be very interested in sexual activities. She has more important responsibilities. This actually is a slap against the sexual vitality of a man. But what can he do? The trap has wide reaching implications.

You might wonder what is the name of the major trap?

Very easy, remember it:


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God does not accept Competition ever!

“We all know how the story went. God made sure that we did not forgot that important part. After a (repeatedly) dispute with Angel Lucifer (“Light-Bringer”, a name actually used for the planet Venus”), he stripped him of his ranks and threw him and his friends into the dungeon known as underworld or in newer interpretations as hell.”

#12.11.2010–Some bible researcher believe it was not Lucifer who was thrown out but Satan (“The Accuser”). But I don’t go into details here now. Satan was also be referred to as “The Devil” and is seen as an agent of God. Can get it more complicated?

Lucifer is sometimes referred as one of the “Four Crown Princes of Hell”.

God knew that he could not left him there forever, so at end of times Armageddon was prophesied, the final battle between the armies of God and those from Lucifer.

This all was well planned. After mankind made the mistake to listen to the snake (Lucifer/Satan?), they were thrown out of the Paradise. Of course, you know only what you have lost after you have lost it, so the then already banished Lucifer came very handy helping God, intentionally or not. I wonder why God not just closed the door so Lucifer couldn’t enter the paradise for his evil task. An oversight?

It seems that God actually did not wanted to keep his kids, Adam and Eve, in the heaven forever, so introducing laws with very heavy punishments was a way out of the dilemma. But your kids, even already grown up, are just that…your kids. Do you punish them to the highest extend? And do they listen?

But it was like with some of the other religions today: You can prepare in advance for the afterlife in order to get a better life when reborn, but you can’t remember what you have done in the first place in the life you just left.

No way to build upon that. A prison is normally designed to make a better person out of you (and of course with use of any punishment as a helpful tool if required), but heaven seems to have a different opinion.

Once poor souls did end up in Lucifer’s Kingdom, it is said that they have to stay there forever. Other interpret that punishment as a temporarily one only, long enough to feel what you have done but with a distant hope to enter the reborn cycle again. But that was denied by God. The punishment is final and eternal.

Some suggest the waiting time might be 2000 years, others are not that sure and see it as a capital punishment forever. A dungeon without doors.

You are not going to die (as you are that already) but you will be aware that the heaven is out of reach. Life in hell is interpreted differently, some say, you just get what you think the Hell actually is.

In other words, if you like to sit in your preferred beer-bar, you get just that. But leaving, you can’t. In medieval times, fire punishment and non-stop torture was a line of thinking, and if you believed that, you just got it. Just like a hotel, customized service for everyone.

Most do associate the hell with fire, but not all. Some say it is a half-dark place where you meet all of the persons again you even did not expected to be there – from all times. You might not see Lucifer at all and life there might not be that bad except that you can’t leave it: A kind of super large prison.

Some say, bible and religion issues shouldn’t be made fun of. But the fact is, nobody knows exactly how the Heaven or Hell looks or smells alike. It might be all in our fantasies.

Do I believe we have a Soul? Yes, I tend to it. The remaining however is not that clear for me.


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